Medication Tracking

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As anyone with a chronic illness knows, keeping track of all the medications and dietary supplements you take can be a nightmare; especially at the beginning when you are exploring different treatments and alternative medicines.  At one time, I was taking up to 32 different pills 3-5 times a day.  That's over 100 pills a day!  My nutritionist changed my supplements regularly and keeping track of how many of which pill I was supposed to take when became a monumental task.

I have made all the templates and alterations I used during those early days available to download in the forms and lists section to the right.  I hope these forms help you as much as they helped me!

Medication Tracking Forms

  • Medication Log - Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft Office Online. Record start/end dates, color, shape, physician & pharmacy names, numbers and perscription refill info for each medication.
  • Daily Medication Checklist - Word document - Day is broken down into 6 segments: morning, mid-morning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, evening, bedtime.  Space for medication name, dosage, purpose and check-boxes to tick once medication is taken.
  • Symptom Log
  • Wallet Card Perscription List
Disclaimer:  The information contained within this site is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be medical advice. The information presented is based on my own personal experience with my own unique set of medical conditions. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. What works for me could be catastrophic for you. Consult your medical team for treatment options suitable for you.
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