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"Eat to celebrate life, nourish your soul, and feed hope...And may this journey bring you healing and wholeness."

Adopting a healthy diet offers a way for you to be directly involved in your care. Filling your diet with anti-cancer "Super Foods, " avoiding excess sugar (which is like Miracle Grow for tumors) and generally obeying nutritional guidelines helps you feel better and fight off disease.

People with Fibromyalgia and Migraines can use nutritional therapy to identify food triggers and help reduce the frequency of flare ups. Nutritional therapy can also help counteract stress, rid the body of toxins, and restore nutrients which have been malabsorbed or robbed from the body. Simple approaches may include the use of vitamin/mineral supplements to combat stress, replace deficiencies, and support the immune system.

As with other treatments, a specifically designed nutritional plan that works well for one patient may prove disastrous for another.  The following pages contain general information and reflect what worked well for me - consult your doctor.

Opening quote by Jeanne Wallace, PhD, CNC, from the National Brain Tumor Foundation's Nutritional Fact Sheet.

Disclaimer:  The information contained within this site is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be medical advice. The information presented is based on my own personal experience with my own unique set of medical conditions. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. What works for me could be catastrophic for you. Consult your medical team for treatment options suitable for you.
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